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The Race


Tracy is a self-taught artist and began painting around 1999. She is bipolar. She would like to say this doesn’t define her, but it does, the same way as being a mother and a wife and a female also define who she is. Tracy was diagnosed as bipolar in her late 30s but can trace it back to her early childhood. It is her persona, what makes her, well, her. Her art is an outlet for her highs and lows, although some of the paintings during her lows are not for display or sale. Please visit Tracy at: Abstract Art Online, and Ecstasy’s Lament.


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By Catherine Gourd

Although Catherine has been labeled by her diagnoses, and was once ashamed of them, she is not anymore. She has accepted that she suffers from mental illness. She has anxiety, depression, and a mixed personality disorder – a mix of borderline personality disorder and dependent personality disorder. Catherine is now 30 years old, and the one unifying thread in her life, besides mental illness, is hope. In her mind, she is a survivor, she is strong, and she believes that there is always hope.

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By Lynne Taetzsch

Although Lynne wasn’t diagnosed with bipolar disorder until her late 40s, she knew well before that things were not right.  Having severe insomnia and depression as a teenager, she told her mother she needed to see a psychiatrist.  Her mother made her a cup of tea instead.

For Lynne, a life of making art and writing has been a saving factor.  Being able to express her feelings and to transform them into something beautiful has made it all worthwhile.

Lynne has lived throughout the US,  and now resides in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York State. She’s had many jobs, and through most of them, she kept painting. Since the spring of 2000, she’s been painting full time in her studio in Ithaca, New York.

In 2000 Lynne moved her 93-year-old father and 92-year-old ex-mother-in-law to an assisted living facility near her and became their primary caregiver.  That adventure led to the writing of Lynne’s latest book, The Bipolar Dementia Art Chronicles.  Lynne has a website, ARTBYLT.COM and regularly updates an art blog with her art and thoughts.

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by Anonymous

The Stormy Seas is an unfinished painting that the artist started right before spiraling into a suicidal clinical depression and being committed to a residential psychiatric facility. Upon release, she decided not to complete it.

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Do you have a mental illness? You’re in good company. A regular feature on SOS, these posts will explore mental illness in the lives of well-known artists and writers.

Georgia O’Keefe, a famous feminist painter born in the late 19th century, suffered from clinical depression. She painted on enormous canvases; her largest painting was 24 feet wide. She was (and is) best known for her paintings of flowers. She’d take a single bloom and render it so it covered the entire canvas. Often, her flowers were vaginal in shape, as can be seen from the following painting named ‘Jack in the Pulpit’. Georgia O’Keefe painted this in 1930.

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